About the Mt. Baker Course

Join us for our pursuit of the "Northern Sentinel" better known as Mt. Baker! Spend 6 days learning glacier travel, mountain travel techniques, steep snow/ice climbing, and more! This course fee includes all group gear and travel around Washington State. It does not include personal equipment rentals or airfare.

Dates: 8.01-05.2017

Cost: $550.00

Text (801) 477-7544 with Questions!

Cost: The cost of this trip includes almost everything you'll need for climbing the mountain. This includes all equipment likes ropes and snow and ice protection. However, you'll need to provide a few key items which can be purchased or rented.

  1. Ice axe and Ice tool

  2. Boots suitable for climbing the mountain

  3. Crampons

  4. Personal Safety equipment I.e. harness and helmet.

A more complete gear list is provided below.

Climbers on Baker

Descending Mt. Baker

Flowers on Mt. Baker

Scenic Mt. Baker

Approaching Mt. Baker

Approaching Basecamp

Descending Mt. Baker

Descent of Mt. Baker

Near Baker Summit

Near the Summit of Mt. Baker

Scenic Mount Baker

Great Alpine Scenery

Travel Details:

The first and last day of the course are travel days. This year, we will all meet at the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport at 1:00pm on August 1st. After the course, you can expect to be by to the airport at 12:00 pm on August 5th.

Airport pickup—The group will meet at the Seattle-Tacoma, Airport in Tacoma, Washington on the day the course begins, at a designated location, and a designated time; usually 1 pm Pacific Time. So please plan your flights to arrive fairly close to the 1 pm meeting time. If you arrive earlier than the course start date, or you’re travelling locally, please make independent travel arrangements to get dropped off at the airport.

Check out this Cool Video about Climbing Mt. Baker

Sample Itinerary

Day 1: Meet at Airport and Drive to Campground

Day 2: Gear Pack and Hike to Base-camp

Day 3: Snow School

Day 4: Summit and Descent to Campground

Day 5: Airport Departure

*Subject to change based on weather

Gear Rental Options

Course Food

Course participants will determine their own food menus before the course starts. Alpenglow will then purchase and provide the food for the course. You may also bring food with you if desired. The group(s) will also be responsible for cooking the food. Typically, on the last night of the course, the group eats dinner in town at a local restaurant. On the final morning of the course, participants have the option of eating breakfast typically at a local fast food place, or eating your own breakfast (i.e., oatmeal) at the campsite.

Gear List

Click here to download the Personal Gear List for Mt. Baker. Alpenglow will provide all group gear!

Medical Emergencies

Any medical issues will be dealt with at the discretion of the course guides in conjunction with the participant. The Alpenglow guides may determine if emergency care or evacuation from the field is needed. It is the participant’s responsibility to pay for all emergency and/or professional medical care that may arise during the course. Course participants should be sure their health insurance is up-to-date. We will accommodate you to the best of our abilities. If necessary, a client may have to exit the course at his or her own expense, to receive proper treatment.

Thank You!

The Alpenglow guides want to make this both an enjoyable and educational course for you. So please let us know if there are any problems or concerns that you have or that arise during the course. In addition to the course guides, Alpenglow will often have a Base-Camp Manager (BCM), who can provide assistance, as well as logistical and/or miscellaneous information about the course. For additional questions prior to your departure please contact any of the Alpenglow Team!