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Alpenglow Education has developed powerful immersion semesters for college students, merging leadership skills, outdoor adventure experiences, and personal development with academic curricula.


It is our aim to develop personal growth and leadership skills through academic material and experiential outdoor education.

These semesters provide unique learning environments to teach in-depth skills like leadership, effective communication, instructional techniques, and technical skills. We understand that it can be difficult to get the approval to take students out for semester-long adventures, and we strive to make that a reality. Enhance your college or university's department curriculum by providing your students with an immersion outdoor leadership semester. Pick and choose which topics to incorporate in academic curriculum such as Wilderness First Responder Certification, Client Management, Adventure Education Programming, and a host of other courses. 

We work individually with departments and programs to ensure that all desired certifications, locations, curriculum needs and intensity levels are met.  We have had the opportunity to travel and instruct in the far-reaches of the globe and it is our desire to bring that experience to your students.

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