Goodbye to Chamonix

The day after we got back from the mountains, we were quite sore! We were more than happy to take it easy and bum around Chamonix for the next couple of days, relaxing, seeing the sights, and doing some research for the IU Bicentennial courses next summer.

We were lucky enough to be in "Cham" during the women's world lead speed climbing competition. And man, can those girls climb! The route looked impossible and a half! We joined the crowd that watched these amazingly strong young women compete. We were also treated to a beautiful show of alpenglow that evening.

We also were in Chamonix for Fete Nationale or Bastille Day! It's like France's Independence Day. That night we enjoyed a dinner of pizza, then grabbed some beers to go. We hiked up a short little hill to get a good vantage of the firework celebration. We sat on the ski lift chairs and watched the fireworks. It was a perfect night.

We wrapped up our visit to the French Alps by taking the Brevant ski lift up into the mountains for one final look at the Mont Blanc Massif. We spent the day taking pictures and getting "b role" footage for marketing. This was one of my favorite days on the trip. We all talked business, trying to figure out how to expand Alpenglow. We think we have Caleb on the hook to come onto the marketing team! We just jaunted around in the heather in the mountains. I did my best shot at a "commercial" for the French Mountaineering course. (It is quite embarrassing to be in front of the camera!)

On our way to the bus stop to leave Chamonix, Liz and I stumbled across this old ruin of a building. We did a mini Senior-pictures-style photoshoot!

After more than a week of getting to travel with Caleb and Liz, it was finally time to part ways. They headed back to Paris to host one more set of visitors before they had to pack up camp and move back to the States. Curt and I were heading to Interlaken, Switzerland to start developing course number two.

We so enjoyed spending time with Liz and Caleb. We got to talk Alpenglow strategy, Liz taught me some French, we discussed all the political and social problems, we ate tons and drank tons of delicious goodies, they helped us understand French public transport.... So many good memories were made! It was so hard to say goodbye, both to Liz and Caleb and to Chamonix.

Until next time! Au revoir!

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