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Interactive Elements Coming to the BFR

Updated: Jan 21, 2020


Information that's entertaining. This is our goal with the Behavioral First Responder: to make our curriculum accessible, relevant, enjoyable, and informational. That's why we've started to convert our curriculum to the most advanced, interesting types of content that are available today. We've also started to convert the text into accessible videos in order to help people move through the content more quickly and help you retain more information and techniques that you'll learn in our certification. Here's an example of the types of interactive elements you'll experience in the online BFR certification.

Online learning can be intimidating for folks who have never taken a course using this method. There are a few keys to successfully moving through this certification that we would highly recommend. The big three are

  1. Block out a chunk of your time to work through ~3 modules per day.

  2. Find a space to work on the certification free from other distractions.

  3. Use our built-in note-taking app to summarize, paraphrase, and distill what you're learning as you make your way through the certification.

The first step is always the hardest. Signing up and getting into a routine is all you need to do to help your students deal with behavioral and mental health needs. Summer is right around the corner so sign up today!

Leave us a comment to tell us your experience with elearning environments!

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