Scootin' Around Austria

After our wonderful frolic in the mountains, we still needed to learn more about Innsbruck- how to get around, what area of town we need to be in for access to transportation, accomodations, food, trail entry, and exit, etc. So, we hopped on some more scooters and scooted our way into familiarity with Innsbruck!

While we were getting the lay of the land, we went to the castle in Innsbruck. It was built in the 1500s to house the emperor's favorite paintings and other art. Castle was complete with peacock, naturally.

Behind the castle was a lovely forested area. We went for a hike through the greenery, with several babbling brooks and tinkling little waterfalls as our soundtrack.

We went and saw the Dome de St. Jakob, one of the most intricate buildings we saw throughout all of our travels. Everything was painted with such detail and with amazing perspective. How did artists do that back in the day!? How did they carve and guild art with such precision?

We enjoyed our last night in Innsbruck with, believe it or not, a killer meal. I don't think I can get enough sausages, pretzels, consumes, wienerschnitzels, or roschti to last me a year until I return! We concluded our evening like the locals: sitting on the wall above the river with a bottle of wine and some chocolates. Innsbruck, danke for the amazing views, food, and hospitality. We will be back!

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