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Wildfire Awareness for Outdoor Professionals Course

In today's changing climate, outdoor professionals face increasing challenges from wildfires threatening the safety and continuity of outdoor programs and services. The eLearning course empowers those in the outdoor fields with the knowledge to assess wildfire risk, modify existing program techniques, revamp emergency action plans, and train staff to effectively handle wildfire disruptions. Equip yourself with strategies and tools to anticipate, prepare for, and respond to wildfires, ensuring a safe and adaptive approach to outdoor programming in an era of heightened fire risk. 

What can I expect to learn? 

  1. Explain the risks wildfires pose to experiential education programs

  2. Evaluate your program's readiness to deal with increasing wildfire risk.

  3. Construct a risk management plan for managing and mitigating wildfire threats to your program

  4. Formulate a resource tool bank for anticipating wildfire risk and considerations for the future of your program.


How long does this course take?

This eLearning course consists of 5 learning modules and takes most people at 3 hours to complete. 


How much does this course cost?

This course is $49 dollars. You'll get access to the course content for three years and can revisit the course anytime during those three years. 


Ready to get started?

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