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Behavioral First Responder Certification

Have you ever worked with someone going through a tough time and you weren't sure how to best support them?

That's why we created the

Behavioral First Responder.

We have.

The Behavioral First Responder course is designed for instructors, administrators, and counselors of all varieties that want to understand common behavioral issues and useful responses within the experiential education context. Our course will teach you overarching theories, models, and techniques adapted from the fields of social work, counseling, and psychology to help you understand why a student is demonstrating a particular behavior and some useful techniques that will help the student through their difficult moment.


Are you an instructor in higher education?

​Would you like to offer the BFR for college credit at your institution?

What People are Saying

Here at Alpenglow, we believe in transparancy. If you want to see what people are saying about the BFR, check out the feedback below which is unedited, from previous students. 

Feedback Summary


I learned a lot in this course.


This information will help me with my students/campers.


The information presented was clear and easy to comprehend.


The theories and foundational information of the BFR were helpful.


The information presented in this course was relevant to what I do.


This information will help me with my staff.


This course taught me usable action items I can implement with people who come to my program.


I would recommend this course to a colleague.

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