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E-Learning Authoring

We know what you're thinking. E-learning for experiential education? Yes! E-learning has many benefits, including some for those of us in experiential education. We help author interactive information for: 

1. Pre-course communication

2. Supplemental content to give your students a headstart

3. Taking your curriculum worldwide and increasing accessibility so learners get excited to join you in person. 

Computer Learning

Our process

Rope Course in Summer Camp

We are the only e-learning authoring company specializing in experiential education. That means that our process starts with thoughtful design, with you at the center guiding the curriculum. We'll then discuss ways to engage the learner with experiential modalities that, you'll only find at Alpenglow, which allows for a rich experience where the learner is doing far more than sitting behind a screen. Finally, we can create custom videos of you and your staff and help get you set up on a hosting platform so that you have total control over the user experience and curriculum. 

Next Steps

Next, we strongly encourage you to check out our example course. Otherwise, feel free to contact us for pricing, questions, or just to bounce ideas around. 

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