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The Behavioral First Responder

Our Flagship Learning Series

Behavioral First Responder Learning Series

The Behavioral First Responder Level 1 & Level 2 courses are designed to equip outdoor professionals and experiential educators with the essential knowledge and tools to handle various behavioral episodes in outdoor settings. These courses build your confidence to navigate challenging situations, ensuring the safety and well-being of both you and your participants. Whether leading a wilderness expedition or facilitating a team-building activity, you'll be prepared to promote mental and behavioral health effectively.

Who Should Take?

Outdoor professionals and experiential educators who want to enhance their skills in managing behavioral episodes during their programs or in their workplace. 

What are the Benefits?

Participants gain confidence and skills to manage challenging situations, ensuring safety and promoting mental health during outdoor activities. Further, you can;

1. Enhance Outcomes

2. Reduce Dismissals

3. Create a better staff culture

What Topics are Covered?

The courses cover techniques for managing behavioral emergencies, promoting mental health, and ensuring participant safety in outdoor settings like de-escalation, anxiety reduction, and more!

In Person or Online

Each modality has its advantages. Online offers a self-paced experience that allows you to digest the material. In-person provides more opportunities for hands-on practice. 

Level 1 before Level 2

You do not need to take the level 1 course before you complete the level 2 course. More on which course is right for you below or click HERE

How long are the Courses?

The duration varies, but each course typically includes a mix of online learning and practical, hands-on training sessions.

  • Level 1 in person - 8 hours

  • Level 1 online - 12 hours

  • Level 2 in person - 16 Hours

  • Level 2 Online - 30 hours

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Free BFR Demo

Curious about what the Behavioral First Responder (BFR) course has to offer? Experience a demo to get a firsthand look at the valuable skills and knowledge you'll gain. Our demo provides a glimpse into the course's interactive content, scenario-based simulations, and practical techniques for managing behavioral emergencies in outdoor settings.

Level 1

The Behavioral First Responder Level 1 Certification is tailored to meet the unique needs of field staff in the outdoor industry. It focuses on providing hands-on skills and practical techniques essential for effectively managing behavioral issues in the field.

As a field staff member, you interact directly with participants in various outdoor environments. This certification equips you with the tools and knowledge to confidently handle and respond to behavioral challenges during expeditions, courses, or outdoor programs.

Throughout the certification, you will engage in immersive learning experiences that emphasize practical application. From scenario-based simulations to real-life case studies, you'll have ample opportunities to practice and refine your skills in a supportive environment.

This certification covers a wide range of topics specifically relevant to field staff, including:

  • Recognizing and assessing behavioral issues in outdoor settings.

  • Implementing effective communication techniques to de-escalate tense situations.

  • Applying appropriate crisis intervention strategies.

  • Utilizing conflict resolution techniques in group dynamics.

  • Developing strategies for creating a safe and supportive environment for participants.

Level 2

The Behavioral First Responder Level 2 Certification is an extension of the Level 1 program, tailored for field staff in the outdoor industry. The level 2 delves deeper into theories and systematic practices to promote mental health and behavioral wellness. You'll learn all the skills in the level 1 plus additional concepts like 

  • Ecological Systems Theory

  • Strengths-Based Approach

  • Techniques and strategies for specific populations

In this advanced course, we move beyond hands-on skills and practical techniques to explore the underlying theories that inform our understanding of human behavior in outdoor settings. By studying concepts from psychology, counseling, and social work, you will gain a comprehensive knowledge base to comprehend the root causes of behavioral challenges better.

Additionally, this certification equips you with systematic practices designed to foster mental health and behavioral wellness in yourself and the participants you work with. Through evidence-based approaches, you will learn strategies to create a supportive and inclusive environment that promotes emotional well-being and positive behavioral outcomes.

Why Host a Course?

  • Some programs want to host a custom BFR for their staff, while others aim to offer an open enrollment course for their region. We are constantly seeking new partners. Hosting a BFR course offers many benefits for you and your program, including:

    • Tailored curriculum that meets your program’s specific needs and addresses the unique characteristics of your students.

    • On-site courses that reduce travel costs for your staff.

    • Enhanced team cohesion and training consistency by learning together in your familiar environment.

  • Click the "Learn More" button to see some frequently asked questions about hosting a course.

Host your Own BFR

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