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AORE/AEE Conference Update!

We wanted to take a minute to reflect on our conference experience this year at the joint Association for Outdoor Recreation Education (AORE) and Association for Experiential Education (AEE) #AORE19AEE Conference. The conference turned out to be a huge success and we wanted to thank the organizations for hosting us this year.

The first-ever #behavioralfirstresponder workshop was offered as a pre-conference workshop this fall in Spokane. We had a few issues with East Coast weather problems and getting all the participants there but, ended up with excited and enthusiastic remaining students. Huge shoutout to those who made it to the workshop and helped us learn and grow in how we deliver that content. The workshop was two, eight-hour sessions which confirmed our thought that this was a great length and format to accompany our online curriculum. Here's a photo of Curt and Becca who gave the workshop training this year.

Dr. Davidson also gave a good workshop on mental health, resilience, and experiential education to a packed room. There were 107 people in the workshop. Utilizing technology, as is his forte, he created the engaging audience participation through interactive word clouds, polls, and live feedback. If you’re into giving these types of presentations we highly recommend you checkout #mentimeter for giving your next presentation.

Finally, our Alpenglow booth was a huge success and saw many visitors stopping by throughout the conference. We gave away #palmpress brewed coffee and talked about mental health, experiential education, research, and many other things that people were interested in as they stopped by the booth. We gained a ton of ideas about how to create access to #BFR curriculum throughout the county and across different types of programming. Additionally, our next step is to create an advisory board and we plan on reaching out to many folks who we connected with at the conference and hope to connect with those people who were interested in joining the board. If you have an interest in helping us plan the future of the Behavioral First Responder curriculum, please reach out and we’ll get you plugged in.

Finally, congratulations to the winners of the #alpenglow Patagonia giveaway and the winners of our sticker packet with over 100 stickers from a variety of outdoor programs!

We hope to see you all next year at the conferences and wherever our paths might cross!

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