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Reinventing Mental Health Training: See How Alpenglow’s BFR Course Just Got Better!

At Alpenglow Education, we believe continuous improvement and innovation are fundamental to providing

the highest quality education and training. Over the years, we have been guided by this principle, and today, we are excited to announce our latest innovation. We launched our ground-breaking course, the Behavioral First Responder (BFR) Certification, seven years ago. Since its inception, the BFR has equipped countless educators, field staff, and administrators with essential tools to address behavioral health needs within Experiential Education and the outdoors. While this course has garnered tremendous success, our commitment to meeting the evolving demands of our students and their diverse roles in the outdoors has driven us to reimagine its structure.

We are proud to announce that we have divided our Behavioral First Responder Certification into two specialized levels – BFR Level 1 and BFR Level 2.

BFR Level 1: Focusing on Direct Care

BFR Level 1 has been tailored specifically for individuals working directly with students in the field. It offers an in-depth exploration of practical skills and strategies that outdoor professionals can use to respond to various behavioral health situations such as;

  • Deescalation techniques

  • Active Listening Skills

  • Strengths-based approach

  • Full Value Contracts

The primary advantage of this course is its concentrated focus on hands-on caregiving and direct interaction with students. Its affordability, compared to the full previous version of the course, also makes it accessible for more individuals, particularly seasonal field staff. By strategically narrowing down our curriculum, we are able to deliver concentrated, targeted information and skills that meet the specific needs of direct care staff.

BFR Level 2: Equipping Supervisors and Administrators

Designed for supervisors, college students studying in relevant fields, and administrators who oversee staff, BFR Level 2 offers a more comprehensive dive into the theories and foundational knowledge that inform behavioral and mental healthcare decisions. This course provides the theoretical framework necessary for understanding the complexities of behavioral health, ensuring that those responsible for mentoring and supervising others are well-equipped to make informed, confident decisions. Additional concepts included in the level two are;

  • Motivational Interviewing

  • Programmatic and Systemic Considerations

  • Selected Theories and Concepts for Behavioral and Mental Health Promotion

BFR Level 2 incorporates all the knowledge and skills taught in the Level 1 course and expands upon these to provide a deeper, more holistic understanding of behavioral health in educational settings. You do not need to have taken the level 1 to take the level 2 course.

Relevant, Focused, and Comprehensive Education

Our decision to split our Behavioral First Responder Certification into two distinct levels reflects Alpenglow Education's ongoing commitment to delivering the most relevant, focused, and comprehensive education possible. We recognize the unique needs and challenges faced by those in different roles within the outdoor profession, and our new BFR certifications are designed to address these effectively.

We invite you to embark on this educational journey with us. Whether you're a direct field staff or outdoor professional looking to enhance your practical skills (BFR Level 1) or a supervisor or administrator seeking to enrich your foundational understanding of behavioral and mental health (BFR Level 2), Alpenglow Education is here to guide you every step of the way.

Remember, the strength of our educational institutions relies on the knowledge, skills, and empathy we bring into them. Let’s continue to light the path of educational excellence together. Embrace the evolution with Alpenglow Education.
What's Next?

As we continue to evolve and innovate in our approach to behavioral health education, we remain committed to sharing our progress and insights with you. We are excited about what lies ahead and invite you to join us on this journey. Be sure to check back for our next blog post, where we will unveil our ground-breaking RESPOND method. Specifically designed for mental and behavioral health promotion among outdoor professionals, this methodology promises to be a transformative tool in the world of Experiential Education and beyond. At Alpenglow Education, we're not just keeping pace with the future of behavioral health training - we're helping to shape it. Stay tuned!

Learn more about the differences in curriculum between level 1 and level 2.

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