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Full Circle

We would like to share a blog post written by Eleanor Legault at Indiana University. She spoke with Alpenglow Founder and President Curt Davidson about what it means to him to now be offering international adventure trips for Indiana University Hoosiers after receiving three degrees from the university. Read the post here:

“Offering these courses for IU and the Grand Expedition efforts is a real opportunity to give back. I earned all three degrees, undergraduate, masters, and a doctorate from IU so it is truly a special place for me. This also meant I was involved with IUOA for many years and it provided me with so many wonderful opportunities. But, beyond that, it was a community and a home for me while I was in Bloomington. The same people I led trips with, slept under the stars with, suffered in the rain and the mud on courses with were the same people I went to restaurants and festivals with. And, most importantly, they were the people I went to when I was having a hard time, or needed to celebrate an accomplishment. IUOA was a place to learn and grow as an outdoor leader and also a place to learn how to be a community member and contribute to a team. We’ve seen how IUOA trips can build lifelong bonds and friendships among people who are brave enough to step out of their comfort zones, and we couldn’t wait to try to offer a new experience for alumni or current students to connect with fellow Hoosiers.”

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